Say it loud - I'm elitist and proud

Thursday, June 26, 2003

KNIGHTS OF 'NI!' Every week in the Weekend Australian Magazine, there's a 2-page ad on a 1/3 size page (no doubt there's a newspaper term for this) for New Internationalist magazine. The following endorsement tells you all you need to know about it:

"For many years I have read the NI with respect. Many an article I have written, and film I have made, have had their roots in something I have read in the NI."

John Pilger, journalist.

As the ad points out:
It can be pretty difficult when your colleague Kylie says: "I don't like what the Government is doing with refugee policy. But there's doesn't seem to be any alternative to a tough line on border protection." If only Kylie could have read the NI magazine article that set the whole issue in the global context, so that she would better understand the humanity of the situation. Then she'd know that other countries manage hundreds of thoudsands of refugees without indefinite detention. In the meantime poor Kylie relies on the shock-jocks for formulating her point of view.

Well, what else can you expect from that Kylie? What a bogan. Kath and Kim are surely far harder to manipulate.

As it happens, I'm in favour of open borders too - though I suspect NI would be shocked at the 'free-trade' implications of such an attitude! And while the world refugee problem is huge, our share of it is pretty minuscule. Why get worked up over a few illegals?