Say it loud - I'm elitist and proud

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

JUST FINISHED The Spirit of Kokoda by Patrick Lindsay. It should be an excellent introduction to what happened on the Kokoda Track in 1942, with an account of the battle and, as the final chapter, a 'Virtual Trek' showing the exact conditions one goes through when walking the track today: altitude, walking time, even temperature during different parts of the day. But scattered throughout are inspirational 'If I could do the Kokoda Track, I can do anything' stories from those who've walked the Track today. Yes, you can do the Kokoda Track: but can you deal with a crying baby between 3 and 5 AM?

MONDAY'S Australian Story achieved the impossible: it made me feel sympathy for Kerry Jones. And now I must reveal my link to the Moran family train-wreck: I was at school with Shane Moran from Grades 1 to 3. I never met him again (though I saw him in the distance at UNSW about 1980) and had no idea who his family was, till the court case brought by Brendan Moran's widow.

MY FATHER and I went to Adelaide last week for my uncle Geoff's funeral. (My mum - his sister - was too ill to go.) Imagine a combination of Ken Rosewall, Jack Brabham and Jim Hardy, and you have Geoff. He smoked Turf cigarettes till he died, a few days short of his 82nd birthday.