Say it loud - I'm elitist and proud

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

A WONDERFULLY contradictory letter to the Oz from John Sainsbury of Atherton, Queensland:

Australians are making a good fist of living in harmony – not perfect, but good.

Australia is not going down the tubes. We are living together, both the long-term Anglos and the recent arrivals.

Quite right too. But then:
What is very clear is that this does not suit the leaders of the ethnic councils and multicultural groups, because their continued funding, their belief in their own importance, becomes challenged...Australia is much more than the views of the elites, the academics and ABC chatterers. These are the people that seek to divide, as ordinary Australians, old and new, try to get on with their lives.

And here I was, thinking that it was the tabloid papers and TV shows, and the radio shock-jocks, who had a vested interest in telling us Australia was going to hell in a handcart, and blaming it all on immigrants.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

DESPITE MY comments below on Le Pen being 'familiar' to Australians (i.e. like Pauline Hanson) here's Gerard Henderson's explanation of why he isn't - Australians are against all kinds of extremism.

As, indeed, are all of what the French quaintly call the 'Anglo-Saxon' countries.

And, even at the height of her notoriety, I can't imagine anyone wanting to assassinate her - though she did at one stage record a video beginning: 'My fellow Australians, if you are watching this, it means I have been murdered.' How we laughed!

Sunday, May 05, 2002

THIS BLOKE saves lives for a living. It's amazing what you can find on '10 most recently updated blogs'.

WE WENT to an antenatal class all day yesterday. The highlight was a video of a woman groaning a lot. The most important thing I learnt was 'not to panic until the hospital staff do.'